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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Waterproofing PLUS fully insured?

Yes, we have a 20 million dollar Public Liability policy with a leading International company plus all other statatory insurances.

Are Waterproofing PLUS employees licenced?

Yes, at Waterproofing PLUS we hold all related licences for the works at hand from Waterproofing, Height Safety, Confined Space, EWP, Construction Cards and so on.

Does Waterproofing PLUS use the best products?

Yes we do, it is part of our Company Mission that we use the highest quality Australian manufactured products to suit the environment we live in.

What guarantee do I get?

All works carry product warranties as well as works warranties.

Does a laundry need to be waterproofed?

Yes, all “Wet Areas” such as Bathrooms, Toilets and Laundries need to be waterproofed. All internal works completed by Waterproofing PLUS meet and are certified to The Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards (AS 3740-2010).

Can my asbestos roof be coated?

There is a difference between being coated / painted and encapsulated as viewed by SafeWork NSW, please contact our technical team to discuss the approved process we use at Waterproofing PLUS.

My basement is seeping water, what can be done?

There are a series of different methods that can be used, the most common is by “positive” waterproofing which is done on the earthen side (outside), this sometimes can not be done due to excavation issues. The team at Waterproofing PLUS are also trained to do alternative methods such as “negative or reverse” waterproofing when a different type of waterproofing membrane is applied on the inside of the basement.

Can you waterproof the wet areas of my house?

Yes ! Our team at Waterproofing PLUS are trained and certified by SafeWork NSW to apply waterproofing to all areas, both internal and external, from rooftop to underground water tanks of any size building.

What size job can you do?

Waterproofing PLUS proudly complete works of ALL sizes from Drinking Reservoirs to 2,000m2 Roofs to Apartments Blocks to Retaining Walls and Garden Beds to a normal house renovation.

Do you only work on new construction?

Certainly not, the systems developed between Waterproofing PLUS and our Australian Manufacturers allow the utmost flexibility and can be tailored for both new and remedial works.

Do you use UV stable membranes and coatings? Can you coat my concrete roof?

Q.1: Waterproofing PLUS only uses external membranes (coatings) that are UV stable and low VOC, we are also able to provide UV stable external coatings that are trafficable.

Q.2: Yes we can, at Waterproofing PLUS we can offer systems to suit Concrete, Asbestos and Metal roofing.

My metal roof has a bit more than surface rust, can you treat it?

Yes, Waterproofing PLUS use an Australian made and developed rust penetrating and moisture repelling clear coating that penetrates the rust layers whilst impregnating the underlying metal surfaces.

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