Rust never sleeps ..

Corrosion control is key! The maintenance of a roof, particularly an old metal roof, against corrosion to negate water leaks can be a problem!

The team at WaterproofingPLUS offers a systematic, cost effective way of extending the life of your existing metal roof.

Corrosion Control (Rust Control) has never looked so good with the option of bringing your roof back to life after treatment, with a rainbow of coloured topcoats to choose from.

Our experienced team at WaterproofingPLUS has spent many years of assisting Councils, Business and Home Owners alike. WaterproofingPLUS can cover your needs with a UV stable rust control system.

Contact us today so we can assist you further in your Corrosion Control.

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Waterproofing PLUS are fully certified

Recent Works

Client: QIC Shopping Centre (Westpoint Blacktown)
Job: To correct roofing failure and remove defunct rooftop systems

Waterproofing PLUS were engaged to remove defunct rooftop exhaust and intake systems whilst correcting an aged roofing issue of water disbursement.

The team successfully remove all exhausts and intakes whilst installing a roof top tray system to allow the correct flow of rainwater to all sumps.


Recent Works

Client: Birds Eye
Job: Roof Top Generator Refurbishment

Waterproofing PLUS enjoy a variety of roofing projects including successfully remediating a roof top generators canopy and associated housings.

Waterproofing PLUS in action

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Customer Testimonials

Steve has always proven to be prompt, his attention to detail and the quality of work provided by the WaterproofingPLUS team is exceptional.

Mark Chong

Operations Supervisor, Westpoint

When faced with a major roof issue we contacted several contractors and settled on WaterproofingPLUS to complete the works.

Their attention to detail was fantastic and the respect offered to our residents during the work was exemplary. Highly recommended.

Ian Ney

Strata Manager, Montpellier

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