Our series of blog posts will take a deeper look at our specialist areas.

However, lets begin with a little introduction to the company.

Who Are We…
Waterproofing Plus was formed in 2011 as a division of LR Tech and over time our team of specialists have taken on a vast number of projects throughout greater Western Sydney. Our Director Steve Bain is an industry expert and constantly working to develop advanced systems that provide his customers with the most up to date and highest quality works.

What we aim to do….

Waterproofing Plus provide specialist services and constantly develop new ways to bring more value to our existing and future clients. In conjunction with our suppliers have developed advanced systems in

• Waterproofing
• Tanks
• Asbestos Removal
• Anti Graffiti
• Coatings
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Corrosion Control

We have a series of FAQ’ located on our contact us page that you may find useful.

Our next blog will focus on Waterproofing and showcase our works and explain why quality is extremely important.